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The Book Review Club started meeting in the Spring of 1999. A collection of Association members and interested readers participate in the regular discussion of books. The club meets in person each month to talk about a specific work. Books are selected at least two months in advance and all members have a say in the books chosen. This club will help you make the best of a reading group experience close to home. The group is made up of individuals of different ages and at varying stages of life, which makes for lively and interesting discussions. We meet the second Tuesday night in the Clubhouse Boardroom at 7:30. We take a break during the summer months but usually come up with a reading list. We have to work on that. We are a small group . We are always looking for new members to join us and participate in the choosing of our monthy reads. On May 9th we convened to discuss “Duel with the Devil” by Paul Collins. The book recounts one the first sensational murder trials. Levi Weeks, a young, good looking carpenter was accused of strangling to death a beautiful Quaker girl named Elma Sands. Levi supposedly deposited her body in a well. He was defended by both Hamilton and Burr. As everyone knows the two were political rivals and ultimately participants in a famous duel. The climax occurs at that encounter when Hamilton shot into the trees and Burr did not. This is a very timely, readable piece of non-fiction. Join us in June for “The Rosie Project”. As always new members, occasional drop-ins, and book recommendations are most welcome.

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