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History of Packanack

The Pacquanac Indians first farmed, fished and hunted in this area. The tribe is remembered in the very name Packanack that is said to mean, “land made clear for cultivation”.

In 1780 this was farming country and marshlands. Close by were the headquarters of General George Washington at the Dey Mansion and Major-General Marquis de Lafayette at the Van Saun House. These historic landmarks can still be seen today.

In 1925 Mr. Joseph T. Castles purchased 26 farms or approximately 700 acres of the area and began laying the groundwork for the development of a year-round resort community.

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What we know today as Packanack sat on two ridges running in roughly a north-south direction separated by a valley of marshland. In 1928 it would be cleared of trees and brush, blocked at the south with an earth and clay dam to form Packanack Lake. Roads were built. Water and sewer mains were laid and a sewage disposal system constructed. The real estate firm of Packanack Lake, Inc. was formed; work began on the Clubhouse as well as seventeen log cabins and small Cape Cod homes.

Today Packanack is a thriving suburban community with two beaches and an active lifestyle of approximately 1,500 homes. Packanack Lake Country Club and Community Association offers swimming, golf, tennis, fishing, boating, youth and adult sports as well as many special interest clubs to our members. Packanack is a wonderful community to live in, raise a family, make lasting friendships, enjoy recreational facilities as well as socialize.