Long Range Planning

Charting a course for the future of Packanack Lake

About Long Range Planning

The Long Range Planning (LRP) Committee is responsible for preparing a Plan that informs the Lake Association activities. Under the leadership of the LRP Governor, the LRP committee strives to develop goals that ensure membership value and fiscal responsibility of our association through a recommended budget allocation with timelines. All good organizations have a long-range plan with a vision for the future and Packanack is no different.

The LRP Committee is made up of Lake Members who feel like they have something to offer. Maybe you have expertise in finance or maybe you have experience in planning, or maybe you just have some good ideas that you want to share, all are welcome to participate on the committee.

Once the Committee comes up with a plan, they set about putting it to work. If the committee recommends that a particular capital improvement project be undertaken, the LRP committee will do some of the initial legwork to get the project off the ground. This could mean meeting with town officials or engineers, or it could mean creating cost assessments to allow the Board of Governors and Directors to consider the project.

I invite you to share your talent with our committee.

Tom Uhlein, LRP Governor

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