Packanack Lake Mother's Club

Established 1986

About the Mother's Club

The Mothers Club is a volunteer-led social club which is under the PLCA umbrella

Your annual membership dues give you access to an array of benefits, including:

Exclusive Facebook community, find us @Packamoms
Members-only Children's Events
Members - only Adults Activities
Organized playgroups
The Packamoms Book Club

The Mothers Club also provides:

Oversight & improvements for Carney Park
Service projects to support families in our community
The Packamoms Book Club
**Members must be a current resident of Packanack Lake and in good standing with the PLCA.
Annual Dues: Regular: $40 Alumni: $20 (youngest child is nine or older)

Who’s Who on our Board

Presidents: Heather Mauriello & Kristen Bowie
New Members Chairs: Brittany Arthur & Kelly Delaney
Secretary: Melissa Harris
Treasurer: Courtney Sansone
Adult Activities: Sara Teslja, Lynda Konzelman, Amanda Sciueche & Nicole Gavin
Children’s Activities: Michele Forlenza, Nicole Golam, Jillian Monahan & Kim Moreno
Parks: Laura Stark
Sunshine: Jacqueline Murphy
Hospitality: Lauren Novak and Sami Fusco
Social Media: Jessica Galarza
Athletics and Wellness: Adrienne Harrold and Sara Fusco

Contact The Mother's Club

To send an email to the entire club use
To be added to a playgroup please email Melissa
Potential members can reach out to Brittany at or Kelly
Meal Train/Sunshine forms are located at the bottom of the google group email or reach out to Jacqueline at
You can always contact the PLCA office at