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About Pack-a-News

Pack-A-News is a not-for-profit newspaper focused on Packanack Lake Community Association’s activities and news. It carries on the long tradition of being edited and run by a group of community-spirited residents who have no other objective than to inform Club members of events at the Lake.

The Pack-A-News has two predecessors. The first, Pac and Nac Monthly News, was a pamphlet-sized paper published from April 1929 to 1937. The second, Packanack Life, was published from 1938 until the middle of 1942, when World War II’s shortage of slick, coated paper forced a suspension. At the end of 1942, Pack-A-News was started.

Packanack Life, 1942

In 1945, PLCA members voted to have a subscription to Pack-A-News included with annual dues. Since that time, the paper is mailed to all PLCA members.

Advertising rates are currently $9.00 per one column inch and pictures are $15.00.

The Postal Service delivers Pack-A-News within two to nine days of receiving it from the Foundation for the Handicapped after the edition has been printed and the labels and cookies (i.e., the regulation sticky wafers) have been adhered. Accordingly, please plan on publication of your submission 16 to 23 days after the deadline.

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